RAM and Safety Assurance services for Aerospace

Reliability and Safety analysis very important for aerospace industry due to complexity of systems, high reliability and safety requirement, new technologies, failure data of the components may not be available for given environments, very small sample size for testing, tight schedules and no room for errors.  

Reliasystem provides complete Design for Reliability and Safety solution. Reliasystem Experience Reliability team helps customers with customized solution as per Product and compliance requirement.

RAM Assurance Services :

  • MTBF /Reliability Prediction
  • Derating analysis
  • Worst case circuit analysis (WCC)
  • Prediction using physics of failure
  • Maintainability Analysis (MTIR)
  • RBD
  • Direct Maintenance Cost Analysis
  • Life Data Analysis

System Safety Analysis

  • Functional Hazard Analysis (FHA)
  • Preliminary System Safety Analysis
  • Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)
  • Markov Analysis (MA)
  • Common Cause Analysis (CCA)
  • Zonal Safety Analysis (ZSA)
  • Particular Risk Analysis (PRA)
  • Common Mode Analysis
  • Dependency Diagram (DD)
  • Event Tree Analysis (ETA)

Reliability, Safety, Maintenance and Environmental services for Defense industry

Today’s world defense systems are very complex than never before because of more stringent Design, Environmental, Safety, Product life, Storage, Transportation, Compliances, Competition requirements. A high percentage of defense systems fail to meet their requirements in terms of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety. Systems that fail to meet their reliability requirements are much more likely to need additional scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and possibly replacement systems, all of which can substantially increase the life-cycle costs of a system.

 At ReliaSystem, we work with your team to identify all above requirements, and perform all the activities required to ensure that the system will meet stringent reliability, availability, maintainability and safety requirements as per defense standards like MIL-HDBK-217 FN2, MIL-STD-1629A, MIL-STD-338, MIL-STD-882D, JSS 55555, IEC 60529, ISO 20653, MIL-STD

RAMS Assurance Services :

  • Reliability program planning for new systems
  • Define Reliability goals and Environment conditions
  • Similar system data analysis
  • RBD and Reliability allocation
  • Reliability prediction and Derating analysis
  • Reliability testing at system and subsystem level like HALT, HASS, RGA, RDT etc.
  • Failure data analysis and improvement programs
  • Optimum Life cycle cost modeling and analysis
  • Storage reliability analysis

Environmental Testing :

  • Vibration test at Ambient condition upto 70g and Frequency of 3000 Hz
  • Vibration test at Hot and cold Temperature from -40 to +200°C , 98% RH
  • Thermal shock test , basket transfer time 10 s -40 to +200°C 98%RH
  • Hot, cold and Humidity test
  • Tensile and compression test
  • Tensile test at Hot and Cold Environment
  • Normal and Cyclic Corrosion test